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About Dr. Dennis Courtney

Dr. Courtney brings his unique experiences to his patients by way of the multiple previous careers that he enjoyed before entering into the practice of medicine. No prior career more aptly describes Dr. Courtney's real contributions to his patients than that of a true "Teacher" which is actually the latin meaning of the word physician. His students are no longer high school sophomores as was the case when he taught in the Bethel Park School District in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. Instead his classroom is now his office and his students are the patients who come to consult with him concerning their vast array of health problems.

Ask those who know Doctor Courtney best "What skills does he bring to his patients that allow him to excel as a physician?" and you will find that his ability to listen as well as to teach allow him to soar over all others. When his patients leave his office they know that they have just had an encounter with their doctor and initiated a relationship that is very unique. They also know they have found a knowledgeable advocate in their quest to achieve longevity with quality of life. The fact that they too feel like they have just left a classroom suits Dr. Courtney just fine.

Doctor Courtney earned his medical degree from "The University of Nuevo Leon" in Monterrey, Mexico and returned to Pittsburgh to take up his specialty training in anesthesiology at West Penn Hospital which he completed in 1986. Upon completing his residency training program he then embarked on a medical practice dividing his time between the operating room and his newly found interest in managing patients in chronic pain.

"I had no idea that my real interests would lie outside the O.R., but working with chronic pain became more interesting and challenging to me that Anesthesia." I also found that my approaches to chronic pain were more successful than similar approaches and as a result I pursued them with a greater degree of enthusiasm than most".

Doctor Courtney began incorporating alternative and complementary medicine into his practice in 1994 and found that many patients with serious health problems were not interested in traditional medical approaches to their problems, but instead eagerly pursued alternatives to traditional procedures outcomes not usually seen in orthodox western medicine. Since then Doctor Courtney has combined his interest in chronic pain and alternative medicine to the full exclusion of operating room anesthesia duties. He is actively involved in physician organizations that promote integrated medicine and has sat on the Executive Boards of both ACAM (American College for the Advancement of Medicine) and ICIM ( The International College of Integrated Medicine).

Dr. Courtney's recent plunge into the world of Talk-Radio has led to the successful production of "AM-Impact On Your Health" 3 days a week on an all health talk radio station KHB 620. Dr. Courtney is finally back in the classroom only this time it's the "classroom on the air" and class begins 8:00 A.M.. Don't be late! To "Log-On to Learn". School is in session every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning and all you have to do is turn on your radio.

For those of you outside the Pittsburgh area you can hear the show LIVE on the Internet Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:00 A.M. Eastern Click Here or to view an archived show 24 hours a day Click Here.